Happy 2018 from Friends of HiSAM!

Happy 2018 from Friends of HiSAM!

Ads with “Head to HiSAM” with image of Jun Kaneko’s ceramic sculptures began Jan 26 in the Star Advertiser, compliments of Kahala Hotel and Resort.
Jun Kaneko. Untitled, 1995. Glazed ceramic. Photo credit: Travis Sasaki & Aly Ishikuni Sasaki.


Happy 2018 from the Friends of Hawai’i State Art Museum. We are very proud of the many accomplishments in 2017, thanks to our FHiSAM members and hard working volunteer Board of Directors!

The store on the ground floor of Hawai’i State Art Museum (HiSAM) in downtown Honolulu was converted to a showcase for the works of local artists. The new HiSAM Gallery Shop is a collaborative with MORI by Art+Flea.  MORI is ranked #1 by Honolulu Magazine as Honolulu’s best gift shop. This has brought fresh energy and together we host regular exhibits in the Artizen by MW Café gallery space, with “Across Generations” shows ranging from Satoru Abe with Hamilton Kobayashi and Kainoa Gruspe to Charles Higa with Michael Teruya, and Ka Ning Fong with Erin Marquez.

First Fridays at HiSAM now has valet parking on Richards Street for easier access to the art, food, drinks and live entertainment while the Museum is open from 5:30 – 9pm!

To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Arts in Public Places Program, we created a commemorative HiSAM Portfolio with artwork from Satoru Abe, Allyn Bromley, Jodi Endicott, John Koga, Carl Pao, and Abigail Romanchak –  a limited edition of 50 signed and numbered portfolios sold out in less than a month, as a membership premium, and venerable Satoru Abe individualized each one by hand coloring each one uniquely!

The Halekulani is sponsoring FHiSAM’s exhibit of Harry Tsuchidana’s works, which partnered with the Honolulu Museum’s Abstract Expressionists show, until mid-February at the Gallery at Halekulani.

Our most important goal is to promote Hawai’i’s artists and HiSAM to residents and visitors. We want everyone to know and experience the difference between the Hawai’i State Art Museum and the Honolulu Museum of ArtHiSAMhonors Hawai’i’s artists and those influenced by Hawai’i. HMoA celebrates global art including a section on Hawai’i.

This year, 2018 is full of exciting plans!

1) January’s First Friday was a big success and February’s will be celebrating the 90th Anniversary of Honolulu Printmakers in Artizen by MW Galleryand the HiSAM Gallery Shop x MORI by Art & Flea, including works by George Woollard and Laura Smith.

2) Look for HISAM banners, signage and ads with images from Jean Charlot, Madge Tennent, Sally French, and Vicky Chock. Feather flags of female images by female artists are scheduled to line the fence of the museum.

3) MORI by Art+Flea was invited to participate in the HML (Hawai’i Music & Life) Festival at Tokyo Midtown in April, and will be promoting HiSAM and Hawai’i artists, Satoru Abe, Mark Chai, Duncan Dempster, John Koga, Mark Kushimi, and Lawrence Seward.

4) The 2018 Portfolio membership drive will be in high demand, as again, only fifty will be produced, with works from Hawai’i’s world renowned artists, Ashley Bickerton, Yvonne Cheng, Kai’li Chun, Paul Pfeiffer, Garnett Puett, and Lawrence Seward.

5) A secondary market benefit sale of artwork from important collectors is being organized in the Fall of 2018. Isami Doi, Winifred Hudson, Tadashi Sato, Reuben Tam, and John Young are just some of the artists whose work will be offered.

Thank you for your support and contributions to help us continue the work to further the visibility of Hawai’i’s artists and this important museum. Please contact us at friendsofhisam@gmail.com for any inquiries.